BluePorts: First Project Workshop in Gorinchem

The project Atlantic Blue Ports has organised its first project workshop, followed by a progress meeting in Gorinchem, on May 15 and 16 2018.
During its first six month of activity the consortium has worked to establish a “state of the art”, focusing on oil and ballast water management and covering regulation, economy, technology, environmental issues.

@BluePorts Project Meeting 1

The workshop provided an overview of these analyses, enriched by a Dutch feedback on the application of the IMO BW convention. Damen Green, partner of the project, provides for tests its mobile, port based InvaSave technology, the first certified by IMO.

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BluePorts project Kick Off Meeting in Lisbon

The Atlantic BluePorts project, recently selected by the Interreg Cooperation Program of the Atlantic Area, has as its main aim to improve port services for the discharge and treatment of ship effluents. The project brings together 28 partners and associated entities; representing ports, operators, public authorities, companies and universities throughout the Atlantic area. Their common objective is to motivate maritime communities to stop dumping into the sea by designing attractive port services.


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