A happy holidays postcard from La Marciega

Summer holidays are approaching, and with them, beach days and spare time to explore new places. There is no need to go far at all to discover new corners that are worth a walk and a souvenir photo. What’s more, there’s no need to leave Gran Canaria. We are seeing this with the ECOTOUR Project in La Aldea de San Nicolás, visiting and getting to know the area a little more and more.

Proyecto ECOTOUR en La Aldea
El Charco, La Aldea – July 2019

This place has been selected as one of the case studies of the Project for its unique natural attractions, both coastal and concurrent with the environment of the channel and mouth of the Barranco de La Aldea, one of the largest of the whole island. It is an area of great landscape beauty and high natural and cultural value, of interest for the development of new touristic activities with special emphasis on the promotion of eco-tourism. Activities of interest are linked to enjoyment and respect for nature, landscapes, bird watching and hiking among others, in an environment that is still outside the area of influence of mass tourism. The coastal strip of the entire municipality is characteristically rugged and rocky, and its beaches, in this steep coastal framework, correspond to the mouths of the network of deep and narrow ravines. In the area, it is interesting to allude especially to the area of El Charco, in the main ravine bed, a place of an enormous natural and cultural value.

Inviting you to discover this place, taking care of its natural and cultural singularities, we wish you a happy summer holiday with this postcard: